A Note from Elise Holtzman

Welcome to The Lawyer’s EdgeÒ!

Have you been looking around? There’s a lot of information on this website — programs, services, credentials, articles, how to contact me, etc. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for (if not, just give me a call and I’ll see if I can help you track it down).

While all the stuff that’s written here is useful information for you to have, I’d like to give you a little peek behind the curtain so you get a better sense of why I’m doing this and how I can be helpful. Let’s face it – there are a lot of great coaches and consultants out there and it can be hard to tell them apart.

A Little Bit About Me…

I’ve practiced law (commercial real estate transactions), married a lawyer (employment advising and litigation) with whom I’ve raised some fabulous kids (three of them, to be exact), and I became a certified professional coach about 12 years ago. I didn’t even know professional coaching existed until I read about it in a book (The Success Principles by Jack Canfield). When I realized I could make a whole career out of helping people be happy and fulfilled and successful (yay!) I genuinely could not believe my good luck.

A year later, with a professional certified coaching credential under my belt, I started The Lawyer’s EdgeÒ.

Why Lawyers?

I decided to focus on empowering attorneys because I know from my own experience that law school doesn’t teach you much of what you need to know in order to be successful.

We never learned about business development and client retention, leadership and management skills, career planning and advancement strategies, communication and team-building skills, or strategies for time-management and stress reduction.

And, because law firms are in the business of serving their clients, teaching those skills is typically not their primary focus.

Then there’s the time crunch. Lawyers are working hard both in the office and at home. It may sometimes seem that the work never ends and that focusing on your own growth is a luxury you don’t have time for. You’ll get to it…when things slow down.

I see it differently. In today’s competitive legal environment, you don’t have the luxury of NOT focusing on your professional development. That’s why I am so passionate about working with individual lawyers and professional development experts at law firms to make skilled support available, in the form of coaching, workshops, and retreats.

What Gets Me Out of Bed in the Morning

I am not ashamed to say that I am a BIG NERD about professional and personal development. If there’s a way for my clients to have more fun, feel more confident, help more people, get more satisfaction, achieve something they didn’t believe they could achieve…then I want to know about it and share it. I attend conferences, learn new skills, earn certifications, and read books. I continue to learn about new mindsets and strategies that can make all the difference in achieving success.

Make no mistake. I LOVE what I do – helping lawyers and law firms operate at their very best and creating impact not just for them but for their families, clients, colleagues, and communities. I am happiest and do my best work when I am helping others achieve their goals.

One of my colleagues says this about me: “Elise was a New York City lawyer, so she can kick your butt if you need it. But she is also understanding and nurturing and committed to your success.” Or, as I like to say, tough love with an emphasis on the love.

As a side benefit, I’m also funny (no, seriously, I am).

So, read all the stuff about services and credentials. It’s important.

But keep in mind that whether you are an attorney looking for individual coaching or a law firm professional seeking powerful programming for your attorneys and staff, what’s really going to get you where you want to go is to partner with someone who believes that you have the potential to reach your goals, has the skills and experience to help you get there, and will get in the trenches with you to make it happen.

I hope to speak with you soon…