Law Firms & Legal Organizations

The Vision

A Healthy, Thriving Organization Prepared to Embrace the Future

Imagine that those in your organization know exactly how to…

  • Identify and develop top talent
  • Create the next generation of leaders
  • Build teams to lead client projects and lead the firm
  • Embrace change and plan for an ever-changing future
  • Identify and reinforce the positive attributes of organizational culture

The Challenge

Developing Human Capital, Your Greatest Asset

Your law firm or legal department provides skillful guidance to its clients and you’ve got good people on your teams or in your practice groups. But in order to ensure that you consistently attract and retain the best talent to accomplish your organizational mission … in order to support your team members’ growth and ability to be competitive in a rapidly changing business environment … your organization must make strategic investments in developing its most important resource.

Do your people have all the necessary knowledge and/or skills in areas beyond their substantive expertise?

Does your organization have the internal resources to meet all of those needs?

Has your organization mastered a process for attracting, promoting, and retaining a workforce that mirrors your clients and stakeholders?

Does your organization focus on how its methods of operating impact its culture?

If your law firm or legal department is like most, you answered “no” to at least some of these questions. If that’s the case, your organization may benefit from working with The Lawyer’s Edge.

Your people must enhance their skills and levels of self-awareness to make or keep your organization competitive. And your firm or company must build and sustain a culture that encourages and rewards a high level of personal and professional development. We can help you make that happen.

What We Work on with Our Clients

We help organizational clients address two compelling needs…

First, how to support the professional development of their lawyers and staff so that they create a foundation for the organization’s growth.

Second, how to create and sustain a culture that best supports the organization’s people as they pursue its vision and mission.

We help develop lawyers and staff in two primary areas:

Business Development

Law Firms

The life blood of any law firm is its clients, making it vitally important that its attorneys and staff are able to consistently and confidently acquire and retain client business. We respond to this need with programs for both individuals and groups of attorneys. Our programs are designed to help rainmakers reach their full potential and support the rest of the firm’s lawyers and staff in developing enough business to support themselves and create and sustain financial stability for the firm.

Our signature business development program for groups, Lawyers Making Rain™, starts with a live group workshop that allows participants to explore their motivation for engaging in business development, brainstorm strategies to accomplish their goals, and identify specific tactics to execute their strategy.

Following the seminar, each participant works with a trained and experienced professional coach. Coaching by telephone continues for two or three months to help the attorney integrate learning from the workshop into his or her busy life.

Lawyers often benefit from one-on-one coaching through our Individual Coaching Program, which is a powerful tool for driving results for everyone from those who are new to business development to lawyers who are struggling with developing client relationships to successful rainmakers who are interested in sharpening their skills and “upping their game.” Group coaching is an effective approach to supporting associates in learning relationship-development skills.

Legal Departments

While it may seem counterintuitive, lawyers in corporate law departments, not just private practice lawyers, need business development skills in order to succeed. Whether it is deepening relationships with internal clients, managing conflict, expanding one’s profile outside the legal department or participating in enterprise-wide projects, in-house counsel benefits from using the same skills as law firm lawyers, just for slightly different purposes. Our Relationship Development Program, customized for in-house teams, is designed to help in-house lawyers master the skills that will help them better serve their internal clients and deepen relationships across the organization.

Leadership Development

Skilled lawyers with a track record of success in the practice of law are frequently tapped for leadership roles but often lack the training to maximize their effectiveness as leaders.

The most successful organizations recognize that the ability to execute on vision and mission is dependent on investing in and promoting leaders who:

  • Clearly articulate the vision and demonstrate and support the organization’s values
  • Take responsibility for all aspects of their leadership and remain accountable to the organization’s stakeholders
  • Inspire people not just to follow them but to step up and lead themselves whenever appropriate
  • Seek a collaborative process that supports innovation and flexibility
  • Passionately advocate for the differences that the organization’s people each bring and create an inclusive environment that brings out the best in everyone

The foundation of our leadership development programs is Legacy Leadership®, a model that focuses on developing leaders who both effectively lead and successfully develop other leaders. We use this model as the basis for individual and organizational leader development programs.

The Legacy Leadership® model focuses not only on what to DO, but also on who leaders must BE in order to successfully lead. Working from this core framework, we introduce a wide variety of leadership competencies, including ones unique to your organization, in order to assist individual leaders along their leadership journey.

Our customized approach to leadership development leverages a wide variety of tools and formats, including highly interactive workshops, individual and group coaching (both live and virtual), and assessments. Whether your organization wants to support one developing leader or many, we customize each program for your firm or company’s unique circumstances.