Time to Build a Successful Law Practice

Have you ever noticed that some attorneys are more successful than you are? You cannot seem to find the right clients…yet they do. You work endless hours sacrificing time with your friends, family and hobbies and still do not build the law practice that you desire…yet they do. You claim you don’t have the time for marketing your firm…yet, somehow, it seems that they do.

Everyone has the same number of hours per day that you have, so what are the more successful attorneys doing? After years of helping lawyers build successful law practices, I know exactly what they are doing. They are working ON their businesses and not just IN their businesses. They are not doing everything themselves, but are focusing on the high-value activities that only they can accomplish and delegating and outsourcing everything else.

Develop a Business Plan and Systems:
Have you found yourself spinning your wheels each day unfocused on your mission? It’s probably because you are so busy with day-to-day tasks that you never zero in on a strategy for growth. Writing a simple but powerful business plan will guide your work so you remain focused on the tasks that are actually going to build your law firm. Establishing systems and policies will make it easy for you to delegate and outsource work, allowing your practice to run smoothly while you engage in marketing your firm and doing the high-level legal work.

Focus on a Marketing strategy:
Many attorneys, even those that have been in practice for many years, market their practices by “throwing spaghetti at the wall.” They may network, set up a website, have a logo developed, blog, and attempt to use social media. While some clients may come in as a result of this work, a more systematic approach to effectively interacting with your target market will yield more (and better) clients. Your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. What it must do is be tailored for you and your ideal clients and be so intuitive and comfortable for you that you will actually do consistently.
By having these two simple elements in place you can chart a course for your practice, implement effective marketing strategies, and expertly serve your clients.

If you are spending endless hours at your desk but still not realizing the success you desire – if you are wondering how to get it all done and build the thriving practice you desire, then perhaps I can help. Let’s find a convenient time to talk about your firm and figure out how to quickly get you on the path to success.

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