Lawyers Making Rain™

The life blood of any law firm is its clients, making it vitally important that attorneys and staff are able to consistently and confidently acquire and retain client business.

While some lawyers are “naturals” at business development, many others don’t believe they are. After all, law school didn’t teach it and most lawyers didn’t go to law school because they were interested in sales. The good news is that business development is a skill that can be learned.

Our programs are designed to help lawyers reach their full business development potential so they can contribute to their own success as well as the stability and growth of their law firms. Our philosophy, borne out by more than a decade of success, is that every attorney can learn to bring in business in a way that aligns with his or her values, personality, likes and dislikes, and schedule. While there are principles of business development that make sense for everyone, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to attracting clients.

Our signature business development program for groups, Lawyers Making Rain™, consists of a live workshop that allows participants to explore their motivation for engaging in business development, brainstorm strategies to accomplish their goals, and identify specific tactics to execute their strategy. Participants learn strategies and tools used by successful rainmakers and explore which of those approaches will be a good fit for them. Lawyers Making Rain™ is appropriate for attorneys with varying levels of business development experience.

Specialized workshops under the Lawyers Making Rain umbrella include topics such as Skills and Strategies for Networking Success, Using Speaking and Writing Strategies to Raise Your Profile, How to Grow Your Network Using Organizations, Overcoming Common Obstacles to Successful Business Development, and Finding Time for Business Development.

We typically recommend that live group programming be followed by individual coaching or group coaching to promote active implementation of what has been discussed in the workshop(s).

We have successfully helped drive significant growth for law firms in the area of business development and would be happy to talk to you about how you can bring the power of Lawyers Making Rain to your firm. Please contact us to learn more.