Our Clients

We are hired by individual attorneys, law firms, and other organizations, and work with partners, associates, and counsel who are seeking growth and change.

Here are just some of the clients with whom we’ve worked:

  • A boutique litigation firm in New York City who had hired lawyers for their impeccable credentials and legal acumen but was seeking programming to develop their attorneys’ rainmaking skills.
  • A mid-sized law firm whose partners’ different visions for the strategic direction of the firm were creating obstacles to growth.
  • A partner in a Montreal law firm who wants to take on a more meaningful leadership role to help guide the firm to greater success.
  • A senior associate at a large multinational law firm who is considered a high potential for partnership.
  • An assistant general counsel of a Fortune 500 consumer products manufacturer who is seeking more effective strategies for working collaboratively with key business units.
  • The managing partner of a regional law firm who is seeking to hone leadership style before starting the job.
  • A young partner in a boutique law firm looking to convert business development potential into rainmaking results.
  • The COO and CMO of an international law firm who want to change the firm’s culture from institutional to entrepreneurial
  • The General Counsel of a gaming company needing to focus company leaders on growth instead of maintaining the status quo.
  • The new General Counsel of a large bank learning to transition from functional specialist to big picture generalist.

Our clients are a lot like you – smart, hardworking, and devoted to their clients’ success. Why do they come to us? Because they want someone who is devoted to their success to help them achieve their goals more quickly and easily.

If you think you or your organization can benefit from one of our programs, we would love to speak with you. Please contact us to learn more.