Achieve Your Full Potential as a Lawyer and Leader

Imagine a world in which you are consistently achieving your full potential as a lawyer and leader while crushing obstacles to your success. Imagine that you know just what to do to market your practice and bring in clients . . . great clients . . . and you do it in a way that aligns with your personality and values. That your law firm or practice group runs effectively and efficiently and shows consistent growth. That you have the power to make choices that are right for you. And, even better, that you are a leader who impacts clients, colleagues, and the community in a profound and positive way.

The Missing Link

You are no doubt an excellent lawyer with the ability to skillfully represent your clients. But do you know how to market and grow your practice? Do you have a strategy for how to advance in your career or achieve your professional goals? Do you possess the leadership skills and confidence to impact your law firm or organization? The strategic vision to influence positive change on a larger scale?

It’s no secret that law school didn’t teach client attraction and business development, leadership and management skills, career planning and advancement strategies, or practice-management methods. In other words, you never learned the very skills required to achieve success and satisfaction as an attorney. And most law firms and legal departments don’t teach those things either. After all, they are in the business of serving their clients. It is my mission to fill that gap.

Coaching, Training, and Strategy for Lawyers and Organizations

I am Elise Holtzman, an experienced attorney and certified executive coach with a decade of experience working exclusively with lawyers to help them create and navigate change.

My primary areas of focus are:
  • Marketing and business development
  • Leadership development, including career advancement strategy and work with high-potential attorneys
  • Practice management, including time-management and client service

I work with individual attorneys and organizations who are not satisfied with the status quo and are seeking proven strategies to achieve their full potential. If that describes you, please contact me to learn more.

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