TypeCoach is a personality assessment and set of online personality tools developed specifically for the purpose of promoting effective communication, improved team dynamics, and the retention of top talent.

The Lawyer’s EdgeÒ has developed highly interactive programming specifically for law firm attorneys and staff to introduce them to TypeCoach’s model of personality type.

After taking the brief online TypeCoach Verifier prior to the live seminar, workshop participants quickly and easily learn how to use personality type to improve communication and collaboration with colleagues and clients and reduce stress and conflict. After the workshop, TypeCoach’s entertaining, interactive, and simple online tools allow participants to access personality-specific tips and troubleshoot communication challenges in real time.

Elise Holtzman of The Lawyer’s EdgeÒ is a TypeCoach Certified Professional. She was drawn to TypeCoach because their tools are sophisticated and powerful, yet easy to understand, use, and benefit from immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about how TypeCoach can improve communication and team dynamics at your firm, please contact us to learn more.